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Studio@Deyes is sponsored by Lydiate Learning Trust (LLT). LLT is a network of schools & academies across communities in the North West of England. LLT is founded on the belief that every child should be afforded the best opportunities in life.

Studio@Deyes is one of Liverpool’s newest schools. As one of only 36 Studio Schools across the country, we are tasked with providing a very different type of secondary school for 14-19 year olds from across Liverpool.

We prepare students for their future careers by offering both academic and vocational qualifications. Our vision is shared and supported by local industry partners who offer specialist expertise and work placements to our students.


in Liverpool

Liverpool is a city of great opportunity.

Steeped in culture, Liverpool is a melting pot of creativity and innovation. Home to international advanced manufacturing companies, fashion forward designers and a thriving industry of creative entrepreneurs, the future is bright.

We provide a perfect blend of a creative culture and a makerspace stocked with high-tech equipment. Our specialisms of Engineering, Business and Fashion reflect the diverse nature of Liverpool’s commercial strengths, address known skills gaps and areas of growth.

Our specialisms of Engineering, Business and Fashion reflect the diverse nature of Liverpool’s commercial strengths while addressing known skills gaps and areas of growth. The team at Studio@Deyes looks forward to helping shape the next generation of Engineers, Fashionistas, and Entrepreneurs.


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in Engineering

Are you a practical person who enjoys trying to find out how things work?

The Engineering sector employs 5.4million people in the UK. There are expected to be 2.56 million job openings in Engineering companies by 2022.

Young Engineers are therefore in high demand. The Liverpool City Region has an abundance of advanced manufacturing companies like Beverston Engineering, who are ready to employ and invest in future generations.

If you are ready to #makeIT in the Engineering sector at Studio@Deyes, you can expect to learn how to use industry standard equipment to prepare you for work placements and enhance your academic learning.


in Fashion

Do you have a passion for Fashion?

Liverpool leads the way on the UK fashion scene. From Cricket and Kirsty Doyle to Very, arguably the biggest mobile fashion brand in the UK, Liverpool is home to a growing number of fashion forward businesses.

Careers in Fashion and Textiles are wide ranging, including Design, Pattern Cutting, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Marketing, Pattern Technologist and Public Relations. Outwardly, this a glamorous and fun industry to be part of it. Behind the scenes, it takes dedication, passion and determination to succeed.

We can help you #makeIT in the Fashion and Textiles sector by providing access to high tech machinery, ordinarily only available in universities, industry placements and specialist teaching. In choosing to focus on the Fashion sector at Studio@Deyes you can expect to create an enviable Fashion Portfolio, with regular work placements and an annual Fashion Show.



in Business

Liverpool has a thriving industry of creative entrepreneurs and its finance sector is second only to London in the UK.

Business Studies is a specialism in its own right and a useful subject to study alongside Engineering and Textiles. Every industry needs an Accountant, a Marketing Team, a Managing Director and a Human Resources team. Studying Business is a passport to a world of opportunity.

We can help you #makeIT in the Business sector with access to specialist workshops, Business Mentors and tailored work placements.

In choosing to focus on Business at Studio@Deyes, you will be expected to establish your own Business either by yourself or with student colleagues, where you will be given the freedom to learn, grow, succeed and fail in a supportive environment.

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