Units to be covered in Year 1:

Unit 2: Finance for Business – (Externally assessed, online)

Learning Aims

  • Understand the costs involved in business and how businesses make a profit
  • Understand how businesses plan for success
  • Understand how business measure success and identify area for improvement

Unit 7: Providing Business Support – (Internal Controlled Assessment)

      Learning Aims

  • Understand the purpose of providing business support
  • Use office equipment safely for different purposes
  • Organise and provide support for meetings

Units to be covered in Year 2:

Unit 1: Enterprise in the Business World. – (Internal Controlled Assessment)

      Learning Aims

  • Know how trends and the current business environment may impact on a business
  • Plan an idea for a new business
  • Present a business model for a business start-up

Unit 3: Principles of Marketing – (Internal Controlled Assessment)

Learning Aims

  • Explore the role of branding and the promotional mix in business
  • Develop and promote a brand for a business

The Assessment Criteria

For each unit you are expected to carry out a range of tasks that will be put together to form the unit assignment. The assignments are designed to cover all the assessment criteria so all students have the opportunity to gain a distinction. At the start of each unit you will be provided with an assignment brief and cover sheets for each of the tasks in the unit. These will tell you what you need to cover to complete the unit and will ensure you are able to provide the necessary authentication and is where feedback from your assessor will be given. These booklets must be kept with your folders at all times.

  • To achieve a pass for each unit you must complete ALL the pass criteria.
  • To achieve a merit for each unit you must complete ALL the pass and merit criteria.
  • To achieve a distinction for each unit you must complete ALL the pass, merit and distinction criteria.

If you do not cover all the pass criteria the unit is graded a U or unclassified.