Assessment and Unit Structure

To achieve the National Diploma (Double Award), you must complete four mandatory and eight preselected optional units that provide a combined total of 120 credits. This will be structured with 6 units to be completed in the first year and a further 6 completed in the second year.

Mandatory units to be covered in Year 12:

Unit 1: The Business Environment. (10 credits)

Learning Objectives

  • Know the range of different business ownership
  • Understand how businesses are organised to achieve their purpose
  • Know the impact of the economic environment on business
  • Know how political, legal and social factors impact on business

Unit 2: Business resources (10 credits)

Learning Objectives

  • Know how human resources are managed
  • Know the purpose of managing physical and technological resources
  • Know how to access sources of finance
  • Be able to interpret financial statements

Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing (10 credits)

Learning Objectives

  • Know the role of marketing in organisations
  • Be able to use marketing research and marketing planning
  • Understand how and why customer groups are targeted
  • Be able to develop a coherent marketing mix.

Unit 4: Business Communication (10 credits)

Learning Objectives

  • Understand different types of business information
  • Be able to present business information effectively
  • Understand the issues and constraints in relation to the use of business information in organisations
  • Know how to communicate business information using appropriate methods

Preselected Optional Units for Year 12: (These have been chosen by the subject leader)

Unit 13: Recruitment and Selection in Business (10 credits)

Learning Objectives

  • Know the processes involved in recruitment planning
  • Understand the implications of the regulatory framework for the process of recruitment and selection
  • Be able to prepare documentation involved in the selection and recruitment process
  • Be able to participate in a selection interview

Unit 27: Understanding Health & Safety in the Business Workplace   (10 credits)

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how health and safety legislation and regulations affect a business working environment
  • Know the requirements for healthy, safe and productive working conditions
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of key personnel
  • Be able to assess and manage risk.

A further 6 units will then be studied in Year 13. It is the intention to allow students to  select units for study in Year 13, although this is dependent upon the ability and attitude to learning of individual students.

The Assessment Criteria

For each unit you are expected to carry out a range of tasks that will be put together to form the unit assignment. The assignments are designed to cover all the assessment criteria so all students have the opportunity to gain a distinction. At the start of each unit you will be provided with an assignment brief and cover sheets for each of the tasks in the unit. These will tell you what you need to cover to complete the unit and will ensure you are able to provide the necessary authentication and is where feedback from your assessor will be given. These booklets must be kept with your folders at all times.

  • To achieve a pass for each unit you must complete ALL the pass criteria.
  • To achieve a merit for each unit you must complete ALL the pass and merit criteria.
  • To achieve a distinction for each unit you must complete ALL the pass, merit and distinction criteria.

If you do not cover all the pass criteria the unit is graded a U or unclassified.