What does Studio@Deyes expect?

It is absolutely vital that students attend school regularly and on time.  Parents/Carers pay for your education through taxes and if you are missing school, then that money is wasted.  There are three ways in which your absence may blight your future.

  1. You miss important work and then you find it hard to keep up with lessons when you return to school.
  2. You do less well in examinations than you should.
  3. Employers always ask us about school attendance and punctuality records of students when they leave. Ask yourself the question ‘would I give a job to somebody who is unable to turn up every day on time?’  The answer is NO!
Absences/leaving the building during school hours:

If you feel ill, you should tell your teacher.  If it is necessary for you to be sent home, you/your teacher must get an Exit Note signed by the first aider. We will always check first that there is someone at home so that you are not there on your own.  If you need to leave school early you must again get an Exit Note. Exit Notes should always be shown to the school office as you will be signed out of school. You should keep hold of the Exit Note as it counts as permission to be out of school. On no account should you leave school without permission; if there is a fire, lives could be put at risk looking for you if we think that you are in the building.  PLEASE NOTE:  For all absences, you are required to bring a note, signed by a parent/carer, explaining why you have been off school. Parents/Carers are required to call the school on the first day of absence and keep school updated thereafter. Evidence is required for medical and/or other appointments.

If this is not received, contact will be made with your parents/carers to ask for an explanation for your absence.  Any unexplained absences will be recorded as truancy.

Attendance Officers

The Attendance Officer manages attendance.  If you are absent from school without an explanation they will contact home to find out why you are not in school.

For more information

For any attendance related enquiry, please contact the school on: 0151 203 8392

To view the school’s full Attendance Policy, please click here.