Students receive a range of work experience opportunities during the KS4 programme. 

  • Employers are central to the Studio School experience for students and take an active part in the students’ learning. Employers facilitate visits to their organisations and provide guest speakers and business mentors who share their expertise with the students and assist them in making decisions regarding appropriate career pathways.
  • Sudio@Deyes ensures that all KS4 learners have the opportunity to take part in fitness or recreational sport activities as part of a culture to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Studio@Deyes along with KMC Sports (resident in our school) provides a wide range of sport and fitness activities, as well as coaching opportunities for all our students.
  • Students will look at the importance of Health and Wellbeing through PHSE and mentoring sessions.
  • We have the NHS on site once a week to provide our students with help, advice and sign posting.

Information, Advice & Guidance:

  • Through a variety of opportunities including talks from our business partners, one-to-one interviews and mentoring sessions with employers, our students are able to set and work towards clear goals for their future.
  • Students are offered advice and given inspiration in each curriculum area as well as during coaching sessions. This enables students to explore and learn all the different options available to them, both within and beyond Studio@Deyes.

SMSC Values:

During weekly coaching sessions and assemblies, students learn about:

  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • British Values
  • Environmental and Medical Issues
  • Peace and Conflict
  • Crime and Punishment


All students are assessed on the CREATE framework which is unique to Studio Schools. They equip young people with the transferable skills they need for life and work.

These skills comprise a wide range of employability and life skills:

  • Communication
  • Relating to Others
  • Enterprise
  • Applied Skills
  • Thinking Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence

All students follow the compulsory core curriculum comprising:

  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • GCSE Dual Science

All students follow one of our specialism subjects:

  • Business
  • Fashion
  • Engineering

Students are able to take a further suite of GCSE qualifications from a range of possible choices, these currently include:

  • GCSE Art & Design
  • GCSE Photography
  • GCSE Product Design

All students have an opportunity to take part in a range of enrichment activities, these include:

  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • F1 in Schools
  • Green Power Challenge
  • Sports Coaching
  • Fashion Shows
  • Other work related programmes