A Studio School is a state school model for 14 to 19 year olds, of all abilities.

Studio Schools seek to address the growing gap between what young people require to succeed in life and the skills and knowledge that the current education system provides.

Studio Schools pioneer a bold new approach to learning, involving Enterprise Projects and academic work. This roots students’ learning in the real world and will help them to develop the skills they need to succeed in their future careers.

Studio schools are small schools, with an average of 300 students at full capacity, which foster close-knit learning communities. By the very nature of their design, studio schools improve links to local communities and offer a dynamic learning environment for students and staff where learning is creative and has real world application. As a result, students not only gain qualifications that have real currency in the working world, but also become active learners and engaged citizens.

Studio Schools Trust - Satisfaction Survey

The Studio Schools Trust recently published a Satisfaction Survey of students of Studio Schools and their parents. The findings showed that the overall majority of students view the Studio School model as right for them. Read a full report of the survey by clicking the button below.

In my old school I didn’t feel equipped for life; the future was always a really daunting, scary thing for me but in this school I feel armed going into a job environment and feel I can actually do well in life.

A student at a Studio School