Pioneering a level of engagement with local and regional businesses yet unseen in education.

An impressive array of employers are working in partnership with Studio@Deyes contributing their own unique skills and knowledge to the life of our students. Employers are at the centre of all we do, resonating through the culture and atmosphere of the school which fosters a culture of aspiration and opportunity.

Our Employer Engagement Team develop links with key local and national businesses within the Engineering, Textiles & Business sectors. These links influence course content, enrichment opportunities and employability skills developments for all our students.

Below are a handful of our key employer partners telling you why they endorse Studio@Deyes:

“I feel that this is an exciting and innovative approach to education and one which will allow students to acquire valuable employability skills, giving them the best possible opportunity to successfully gain employment in the future. Liverpool & Sefton Chambers of Commerce fully support your proposal and will be happy to work with the Studio School and its staff and students, both prior to and upon opening.”

Jenny Stewart, Former Chief Executive of Liverpool & Sefton Chambers of Commerce

“I am more than certain this is the start of an excellent partnership and we are delighted to be involved in such an exciting adventure.”

David McNally, Barclays

“Thomas Education is proud to be supporting Deyes High School in accomplishing the new Studio School’s overall objective: ensuring that the CREATE curriculum is awarded importance and recognition equal to that of the students’ academic achievements. Providing the students with Thomas Education psychometric assessments will help them to build self-awareness and gain a greater personal understanding. This supports the students of the Studio School to fulfil their true potential and be an integral part of the new generation of entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals across the Liverpool region.”

Elaine Clelland, Thomas Education

“Merseytravel are happy to support Studio@Deyes to ensure young people increase their employability skills by embodying the CREATE framework to ensure they come to the workplace in the right frame of mind as well as having the skills and knowledge that we need as employers.”

Liz Chandler, Merseytravel

“I wish Studio@Deyes had been around when I was a teenager. It is the perfect mix of practical experience and real qualifications that will set you up for the future. As a company we would definitely benefit from employees with this type of experience from such an early age.”

Phil Charnock, Draw & Code

We are working in collaboration with the following organisations to ensure Studio@Deyes has an effective partnership with employers to provide its young people with inspiration, motivation, knowledge, skills and opportunities they need to help them achieve their potential and so to secure our future national prosperity.

“WEA is delighted to work with Studio@Deyes to provide learning opportunities for the adults in the students’ lives. The ‘WEA Approach to Education and Learning’ focuses on socially purposeful education, helping people participate in their communities through employment, volunteering, voting, governance and more.”
Paul Amann, WEA

In addition, our Employer Engagement Team work with students to develop CV writing, applications, job searching and vital communication skills for the work place.

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