Deyes High School is proud to have developed Lydiate Learning Trust—a group of schools that includes Studio@Deyes. Deyes High School is Maghull’s highest performing and most popular secondary school, having been oversubscribed with first choice place applications and providing quality education for many, many years. Studio@Deyes is overseen by the leadership of Deyes High School who have selected Mr James Kerfoot as Executive Leader and Mr John Parry as Head of School to ensure that this brand of quality education is continued throughout Studio @ Deyes.
Studio@Deyes offers you a small environment in which every student is well known and valued, similar to a Primary school setting. We provide an orderly environment with a structured day, just like any school, but we also provide a revolutionary curriculum that prepares the students better for their futures in the world of work. Our students enjoy their learning because they know it is real.
The businesses that support us know this too. It is the work set by the businesses, the challenges they pose, the problem solving that occurs, the genuine real link between school and work that makes this way of learning the VERY BEST WAY TO PREPARE FOR A POSITIVE FUTURE.