Teams of soon to be Studio@Deyes students assembled at Wavertree Technology Park on Wednesday 1st June for the school’s Student Induction Day. This was, however, no ordinary induction as students were invited to get to know their fellow students by working in teams to ‘build their own airline‘ with the help of a wonderful team from leading UK charity, Young Enterprise.

Young Enterprise aims to empower young people to harness their personal and business skills. They aim to make business relevant to the daily lives of young people, helping them to discover their individual talents. They do this by offering practical programmes, from one day masterclasses to year-long projects to help young people achieve their potential.

The structure of the workshop to build their own airline allowed students to decide job roles and responsibilities, select destinations, create a flight plan, develop the brand, put together a budget, sell their seats to travel agents and finally present their business plan to the panel of judges made up of Studio teaching staff. Students became Managing Directors, Marketing Managers, Heads of Design and Finance Directors. Each had a lot to contribute individually but they all had to work together to design a presentation to sell their airline business to the panel and the other teams.

Each group was given a £200 million budget to set up and run the airline. That budget quickly dissipated as they had to purchase a destination route, an aircraft or two and then finance everything, right down to the design of the uniform for the cabin crew and the logo for the tail-fin.

The level of competition was high and each team got their heads down and worked through the complicated process, turning their ideas into a viable business. Some interesting company names were bounded around from Scouse Air and World Wide Airlines to Starline and Casual Airlines. There were some interesting and colourful uniforms to match as you can see.

After each team presented to the group their was a period of intense deliberation by teachers and Young Enterprise staff to decide the recipients of different prizes. The day ended when Studio@Deyes Headteacher, Dean Lythgoe presented the judges prizes to the winning teams for presentation, design and overall management.

Dean Lythgoe, Headteacher of Studio@Deyes said of the day:

It was great to see so many prospective students giving up a day of their holiday to come and work together. ‘Build an Airline’ was well prepared by Tony and the Young Enterprise team and really caught the imagination of the students. Students got to know each other, developed their team building and leadership skills and produced high quality work.”

Mike Cloherty, Deputy Headteacher of Studio@Deyes said of the day:

I was extremely pleased with the high quality of work that was produced by the young engineers, designers and entrepreneurs coming to start at Studio@Deyes in September. The day was a huge success and started the process of the students, to meet like-minded individuals who have a passion to convert their learning into a successful profession at the school

Studio@Deyes looks forward to welcoming all the students to the school when it opens this September and by the looks of things the school has an incredible bunch of future leaders that are eager to start.

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