Throughout the past academic year, our students have had the opportunity to meet and work with many of Studio@Deyes’ employer partners. This includes the opportunity to attend a keynote speech by Justine Mills, owner of Cricket fashion, during our launch event in November last year. Students also had the opportunity to talk to Justine about their work and ask her for fashion tips and advice. In January, we were also visited by Carly Phillips, a former Juice Academy apprentice who was selected to work as Bruntwood’s first Social Media apprentice. With a love for all things Social Media, Carly is also a lifestyle blogger outside of work. Carly shared her experiences and advice about how to #MAKEIT in the creative world of marketing and social media.

As well as receiving talks from employers at Studio@Deyes, students have also been able to complete various trips to employer offices, including a trip to The Leather Satchel Co. in October where they gained a valuable insight into the leather work industry. Later in the year, The Leather Satchel Co. were visited again by our Year 12 Engineering students as part of their work on a project which involved designing a new steering wheel for a green powered racing car. Working with The Leather Satchel Company was a valuable experience for our students as it enabled them to see each stage of the project life cycle, from project initiation to project close down,

Recently, a group of our students and students from our sister school, Deyes High School, were also lucky enough to visit Ernst & Young’s very swanky Liverpool City Centre offices to explore careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths). The students were treated to some wonderful views of the city, while taking part in several activities designed to help them understand the vast array of STEM related career options available to them. For one task, students had to set up mini ’companies’ and produce a new paper airplane toy.

Students have also participated in numerous other work experience trips during the year, including a trip to Beverston Engineering in February where students received a tour and learnt about how the site operates and a visit to Barclays Bank in June to participate in a Digital Eagles session.

A huge thank you to all of our employer partners for their contributions, our students look forward to working with you again during our next academic year!