Every half term, Studio@Deyes invites several of our employer partners to participate in a Breakfast@Studio event. Our employer engagement events have been well attended over this past academic year and representatives of Studio Mundo, Royal Court Liverpool, Zoe’s Place, NatWest, Unilever, Gill’s Fitness and even Tony Calderia, who was a Metro Mayor Candidate, have all attended. During these events, employers partake in a short breakfast networking session followed by a second session which varies each time and offers an opportunity for employers to interact with students. For example, during the July event, employers completed mock interviews with students in the second session. Mock interviews are an essential element in developing the skills and qualities needed by young people for their future careers. A mock interview can provide a realistic experience for the student, helping to build their confidence and preparing them for future interviews.

Our breakfast meetings are proving to be very popular and a valuable contribution to our careers and employer engagement strategy moving forward. These events help to generate new ideas and push through real change. For example, during one of our recent breakfast meetings we discussed mentoring. As a direct result of these discussions, Studio@Deyes recruited 8 mentors for a pilot programme over the summer term which we hope to extend to a full programme in September.

Studio@Deyes are already in the process of planning a series of six Breakfast@Studio events which will be held during the 2017/18 academic year. The first event is scheduled for 18th October 2017 during which Gill Lindsay of Gill’s Health and Fitness will present.