Studio@Deyes is based in a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Wavertree Technology Park. The school is accessible by bus, train and bike and features a large car park. Studio@Deyes will provide a school bus for students who will be travelling from outside the Wavertree area.

ADDRESS: Studio@Deyes, Vortex House, Enterprise Way, Wavertree Technology Park, L13 1FB

Students travelling from; Runcorn, Widnes, Maghull station, Melling, Waddicar Lane and Kirkby station will board a private school bus.

Bus A: Travelling from Maghull Square, Melling, Kirkby station
Departing Approximate pick up time
Waddicar Lane / Hayes Drive bus stop. (opp newsagents) 07:30
Maghull Square Bus stop (opp Police station) 07:35
Kirkby Row / Whitefield Drive (just by corner Rown Drive) 07:40
Bus B: Travelling from Runcorn via Widnes
Departing Approximate pick up time
Runcorn town centre (Bus stop WA7 1NA) 07:45
Widnes town centre (Bus stop WA8 6UA) 07:53

runcorn bus stop.jpg

widnes bus stop










Picture: Studio@Deyes pick-up point Runcorn                 Picture: Studio@Deyes pick-up point Widnes

Should students miss the school bus, they can get the number 14A bus from both Runcorn and Widnes stops or the 14 bus from Widnes which will take them to Wavertree Clock Tower. There would be a walk of 20 minutes from the clock tower to the school. For more information and routes please use the bus journey planner by clicking the button below. 

BY BUS: 14, 60, 61, 62, 78, 79, 139, 169, 202, 204, 838

MERSEYTRAVEL:  Click here to view Saveaway tickets for Young People Aged 5 – 18

Click on the button below and input your locations and travel time – school opens at 8:30am.

BY TRAIN: 150m from Wavertree Technology Park Station

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