Head of School Welcome Message

John Parry



It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Studio@ Deyes and I consider myself privileged and proud to be selected as the Head of Studio. Studio @ Deyes offers a vibrant learning experience combining GCSEs, A Levels, Btecs and occupational qualifications. Here at Studio@ Deyes we have created a unique and exciting school that develops students with high level skills critical to a successful future.

Immersing students in real-life, hands-on projects, is an extremely efficient and engaging way of learning. This is what we offer to those who join us. Through this method, students not only pick up core skills, such as Maths, English and Science, but also learn and practice the softer, but equally important, skills employers are looking for – such as independent thought, responsibility, team work and communication skills. By working in this way and collaborating with real companies, we have created an environment which nurtures well-rounded, mature and confident individuals, who leave us fully ready for the workplace.

Our students not only continue to gain qualifications at Studio@ Deyes, but also become experts in their chosen pathway. Our vision is to revolutionize the way in which we teach our young people and ensure they are properly prepared for work in a way which will enable them to smoothly transfer from the classroom to the workplace at whatever level and whenever they decide to enter employment.

At Studio @ Deyes we offer a distinctive small school environment where every student is nurtured, every student is listened to, encouraged and challenged to be the very best they can be. We create a “can do culture” and teach our young people to aim high. We aim to create a creative and dynamic approach to learning where it is considered “Cool to Succeed.”

We also understand that some of our students still need lots of support both pastorally and academically and so we aim to provide a secure, safe environment in which all of our learners are valued.

My life mission is to work with students from Merseyside to allow them to experience success on a National and International platform and I can assure you that I will work with the team at Studio @ Deyes to strive towards challenging all of the students we work with to achieve their very best.

Thank you for your interest in our successful, popular and forward thinking school and we look forward to meeting you either as you visit the school or join us.

John Parry

Head of Studio@Deyes